Giovanni Pascoli and “la Torre”
San Mauro is the birthplace of the poet Giovanni Pascoli, with his birthplace national monument since 1924 and the Tower, superb agricultural estate, ownership of the principles Torlonia , where the poet spent his childhood.
In summer evenings the court of the villa entertains: music concerts, theatrical showsand "The Garden of the Poetry." Every Thursday morning, from June to September, you can participate to the free excursions, “Pascoli itinerary”, to visit all the poet’s places.
Placed to the center of a plain, San Mauro Pascoli lies between the rivers – Uso and the historical Rubicone – the Ancient Via Emilia and the sea. The first documented human settlements date back to 6.000 years ago. Recent excavations, between the town and the sea, have revealed archaeological finds that refer to the middle Neolithic that is 4.000 BC. The documented origins of the village date back to 1191, when it is named for the first time as " Fundum Sancti Mauri”". In 1932 the name San Mauro of Romagna was modified, with
Regal Decree, in "San Mauro Pascoli" in honor of the great poet.
Almost completely destroyed during the Second World War (the front stagnated between Uso and Rubicone rivers for several weeks), the country was quickly rebuilt , thanks to the industriousness of its inhabitants, and it returned to be an important agricultural center, a well known shoe district, and in that period it develops an equipped tourist center in San Mauro Mare.