About us

Official touristical website of San Mauro Mare is part of the Tourist Service System (SITur) of the Region Emilia Romagna Turismo, and has the portal Emilia Romagna Turismo as principal access point

The Tourist Information System aims to offer an overview of opportunities, places to visit and events in Emilia Romagna to tourists and visitors, guaranteeing a certain level of quality regarding the correctness and the completeness of information.

In particular, common regulations and information models are decided at regional level, in accordance with local offices, in order to enhance the user navigation of the system, whereas the local editorial offices are responsible of evaluating the tourist opportunities of its area through the gathering of information and its publication on the website.

The main public organizers of the local editorial office of Cesenatico e Dintorni are: Tourist Board of Cesenatico, Tourist Board of Cesena, Tourist Board of Gatteo, Tourist Board of San Mauro Pascoli


Via della Repubblica 8, 47030 San Mauro Mare (FC)
Telephone 0541 346392 - Fax 0541 324111
e.mail: info@sanmauromare.net - https://www.sanmauromare.net
Open all year round with the following opening hours
Winter timetable : Mo-Sat 9.00 - 13.00
Summer timetable (10/6-10/9): Mo.-Sat. 8,30-13,00 and 15,00-19,00 - Sun. and holidays 8,30 – 12,30