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The final of the contest "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAD OF ITALY 2022" (registered trademark), now in its 28th edition, will take place on SATURDAY 9 JULY, at the Arena Arcobaleno in SAN MAURO MARE - Riviera Romagnola.

The Most Beautiful Dad of Italy, is a national beauty contest reserved for all fathers aged 25 to 45, with a "Gold" band for the age group 46 - 55. There are no other requirements other than being a dad!

To win the crown of "The Most Beautiful Father of Italy", in addition to the catwalk first in suit and then in costume, fathers have to undergo some skill tests such as dancing, singing a lullaby, proposing a declaration of love, change the diaper (obviously on a doll) and prepare the handmade pasta.

"The Most Beautiful Father of Italy" is an idea of ​​Paolo Teti, creator among other things of the beauty contests - sympathy of national interest "Miss Italian Mother", "Miss Italian Grandmother", "Miss Mother-in-law" and "The Italian Supercouple".

For information and free registrations, relating to the contest "The Most Beautiful Father of Italy", contact the Te.Ma Spettacoli secretariat of Paolo, Grazia and Giorgia Teti, at 0541 344300

Latest update: 08/04/2022

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